Terms and Conditions

Please see below our terms of conditions. if you require this in a different format please contact us.

1. Definitions

Lessor - RCRN LTD

Hirer - Individual renting the Vehicle(s)

Additional Driver - Any person, excluding the Hirer, who makes use of the Vehicle(s)

Insured Driver - Hirer or Additional Driver

Hirer Period - The period from the date and time stated until the return of the Vehicle(s) to RCRN LTD.

2. The Agreement:

2.1. RCRN LTD hereby hirers the Vehicle(s) to the Hirer for the agreed period of time which has been stated on the HirerContract Agreement signed by both of the parties.

2.2. Where the person signing this agreement on behalf of the Hirer is not the Hirer, he or she represents and warrants to the owner that he or she is duly authorized to sign and to enter into this agreement for and on behalf of the Hirer and obligations on the part of the Hirer hereunder shall be deemed to be made by such person jointly and severally with the Hirer.

3. Use of Vehicle(s):

3.1. The Hirer must not allow a non-insured driver to drive theVehicle(s). This will be viewed as an act of theft of the Vehicle(s) and will result in the loss of your security deposit. RCRN LTD reserves the right to prosecute in all cases including theft.

3.2. The Vehicle(s) may not be used for the following:

  • Driving tuition, tests or exams;
  • Racing or pace-making;
  • Towing;
  • Rally Driving;
  • Motor Sports;
  • Track days;
  • Carrying excessive number of passengers than the Vehicle(s) is designed to carry; or
  • Any illegal purposes.

3.3. The Hirer may use the Vehicle(s) for normal driving purposes, for business purposes and for social domestic and pleasure purposes only.

3.4. The Vehicle(s)mustnot be driven during the Hire period by any person(s) who are under the influence of alcohol or any other substance which might impair the ability to drive or in a manner which would voidthe contact Hirer agreement or insurance, infringement of any applicable Road Traffic legislation or of the construction and Use Regulations for the time in force.

4. Availability of Vehicle(s)

4.1. Every effort will be made to provide the Vehicle(s) chosen. However, BTR Prestige reserves the right to offer the nearest Vehicle(s) model as an alternative.

5. Responsibilities of the Hirer:

5.1. It is the Hirer's responsibility to ensure that any additional driver(s)adhere to these Terms and Conditions. The Hirershall be fully responsible for any loss resulting from non-compliance. Once the Hireperiod has been completed, the Hirer will return the Vehicle(s) to RCRN LTD in the same condition it was received and a full inspection of the Vehicle(s) will be carried out to reach a satisfactory acceptance of Vehicle(s) condition. The Hirer agrees that until the Vehicle(s) is physically in the possession of RCRN LTD, the risk remains with the Hirer.

5.2. The Hirer is responsible for daily safety checks of the Vehicle(s). Any damage resulting from a failure to carry out such checks will be charged back to the Hirer.

5.3. The Hirer will immediately inform the RCRN LTD of any fault in the Vehicle(s) and will not use the Vehicle(s) whilst it is in an un-roadworthy condition, until such damage or fault has been repaired or corrected.

5.4. The Hirer will be liable to RCRN LTD for all damage that befalls the Vehicle(s) while it is in the Hirer's control, including, but not limited to, glass, tyres, and accessories, however caused.

5.5. At all times, the Vehicle(s) will remain the property of RCRN LTD; title will at no time pass to the Hirer.

5.6. Fuel is not included in the rental price and the Hirer is responsible for ensuring that the correct grade of fuel is used. In the event the Hirer puts the wrong grade of fuel into the Vehicle(s) the Hirer will be liable for any costs incurred by RCRN LTD in draining the tank and correcting any subsequent damage.

6. Age and Licence Restrictions:

6.1. Prices are based on drivers being aged 25 to 70 years of age.

6.1.1. All drivers must have held a full licence for a minimum of five years, must have no more than 6 current points on their licence and are subject to approval on completion of RCRN LTD contract Hirer agreement.

6.1.2. Any convictions for drink or drug driving, dangerous or careless driving within the past 5 years will not be accepted.

6.1.3. Overseas licenses are accepted subject to the above conditions.

6.1.4. RCRN LTD has the right to refuse any driver on production of a licence that does not comply with our insurance policy. All Hires and cancellations are subject to these terms and conditions.

7. Identity:

7.1. Driving licence and counterpart section need to be provided to RCRN LTD before Hire can commence for all named drivers. Photo ID in the form of a Passport and a utility bill or credit card statement must also be produced as confirmation of ID, they will be photocopied and returned.

7.2. The originals must be produced on the day of Hire, failure to do so will cancel the Hire. If upon delivery these documents have not been received or viewed by RCRN LTD,the Hire will be cancelled and RCRN LTD's cancellation policy will apply.

8. Overseas Travel:

RCRN LTD Vehicle(s) may be taken out of the UK without obtaining written permission and agreed before hire from RCRN LTD. Ireland (Eire) is not part of the UK. RCRN LTD Vehicle(s) are also excluded from Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Wight unless agreed by prior arrangement.

9. Booking

9.1. RCRN LTD requires a booking fee of 15% of the value of the booking (or at least a minimum of £250). This is adjusted against the cost of the Hire. Bookings are only confirmed when paid for in full, which must be paid for at least 28 days before the Hire period commences or at the time of the booking (if less than 28 days).

9.2. If the Hirer wishes to extend the Hire period, he/she must advise the rental agent. Failure to do this may result in the withdrawal of Insurance Cover.

9.3 To drive without Insurance Cover is illegal.

10. Cancellation

10.1. If the Hirer wishes to cancel the rental, the following charges are applicable:

10.1.1. Cancellations over 28 days prior to the Hire date will require that the booking fee is paid (minimum of £250).

10.1.2. There will be no refund of monies already paid if cancellation is made 28 days or less to the Hire date.

10.1.3. Payments with credit card are subject to a 3% surcharge.

10.1.4. Cancellations due to the Hirer not meeting the terms and conditions contained therein are the responsibility of the Hirer.

11. Security Deposit and Excess:

11.1. The security deposit is held

(A) As a security bond

(B) As payments towards any mechanical damage which is not covered by our Insurers, e.g., tyres, wheels, clutch, gearbox, which was sustained during the Hirer period; excluding normal wear and tear, due to misuse and abuse.

(C) As an insurance excess against any accidental damage or loss caused to the Vehicle(s) by a third party or the Hirer. The Hirer is liable for the amount shown as Excess Deposit.

(D) To cover additional charges incurred during the Hire Period for excess mileage and, or, petrol reimbursement charges.

D(i) Daily Mileage allowance is 80miles for 8hours, 100miles for 24hours and up to 6days, 200miles for standard 2day weekend Hire Period, 300miles for 3day weekend and 100miles per day on 7days plus Hire Period.

(E) As payment towards inconvenience caused and losses incurred in relation to police involvement/arrest which results in the car being confiscated or compounded and or being stopped for driving recklessly or dangerously.

11.2. The Excess Security Deposit is as per the tariff. The security deposit can be held against a major credit / debit card and will be refunded immediately after the Hirer (subject to terms listed) so you do not incur any charges. The security bond will only ever be held in full when damages are greater than the security bond or damages to the Vehicle(s) result in an insurance claim. In all other instances the cost of the damage only will be deducted.

12. Damage / Wear and Tear / Accidents / Theft:

12.1. All damage to RCRN LTD Vehicle(s) whilst in the possession of the Hirer however they arise will be the responsibility of the Hirer and RCRN LTD will charge for the cost of the repairs against the security deposit held against the Hirer up to the value of the security deposit;

12.2. If requested, RCRN LTD will provide a quotation for the works from a repair specialist. Any excess wear to the Vehicle(s) tyres will be charged at a pro rata rate for the cost of replacing the tyres, RCRN LTD will provide details of these Charges should they apply, these charges also extend to unreasonable wear and tear on any other part of the Vehicle;

12.3. The Hirer and/or any additional driver will report at once to RCRN LTD the occurrences of any and every accident involving the Vehicle(s) no matter how negligible.

12.4. Furthermore, the Hirer and/or additional driver will obtain the names and addresses of any other parties and of any witnesses to such an accident, make no admission of liability, immediately deliver to RCRN LTD any correspondence, claim form, notice, proceedings or other documents received in connection with the accident. In addition, the Hirer and/or additional driver will co-operate fully with RCRN LTD and/or Hirer's insurers in the investigation and defence of any claim; and

12.5. The Hirer is responsible for the theft of the Vehicle(s).

13. Speeding tickets / Parking fines / Road Traffic Acts:

13.1. The Hirer, as well as any additional drivers, of the Vehicle(s) hereby agree that he or she shall be liable for all speeding fines and or parking tickets or any other costs or penalties that may be incurred whilst the car is in the possession of the Hirer or in relation to the manner in which the Hirerand /or additional driver has driven the car during the Hirer period.

13.2. This includes any fine or penalty imposed under a fixed penalty notice relating to the Hirer and any traffic congestions charges.

14. Payment

RCRN LTD will accept all major credit cards, including Mastercard/Access, Visa, and Switch for payment.

15. Insurance:

RCRN LTD providesfully Comprehensive Insurance which covers the 'Insured Driver', of minimum age 25years dependant on Vehicle(s) category.