How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Car

Talking from personal experience when I got married I knew that getting a car to take me to the church and venue was just as important as anything else.

Wedding cars provide perfect images for the wedding album as well as having something comfortable and special. Here at BR Prestige during the years we have learnt how important vehicles are on the big day and have helped many customers hire their perfect car. We have come up with a list that you need to whittle down your choices

Will the car contrast with the theme of the wedding?

For example having a vintage inspired big day and hiring a silver sports car may not be a good fit. Think about the picture opportunities and think of will the car sit right with the overall look you have gone for?

How many people will the car carry?

Many brides get to the venue with an array of bridesmaids, a two seater may not be the brightest idea for this situation. If you want a two seater but have this issue maybe think of a second car to hire, so they don’t have to walk.


This may seem irrelevant but the colour of the car can really pull in the look of your wedding with the vehicle, for example if the groom and grooms men are dressed in grey charcoal having a matching coloured car can look great in the pictures.

Your budgets

Keeping to a budget is very important in the planning of the wedding. We know how important this is for a wedding. There is a range of cars to hire and a range of prices to suit everyone’s needs so don’t give up hope. You may not have to turn up in your cousin’s Corsa.

Three great cars to hire for a wedding

Rolls-Royce phantom

This is a very luxurious car and perfect for weddings. Its interior is magnificent as well as the glamorous leather
interior, this car looks flawless in wedding pictures
rolls royce

Bentley flying spur

The strong lavish design of this car looks amazing in any picture. This is an ideal wedding car.

Lamborghini Gallardo spyder

This car is one for the groom. A sports car with great design that will wow the guests as you arrive to the wedding venue.

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