Choosing The Perfect Sports Car to Hire


Have you always wanted to drive a sports car and not sure what to drive? Hiring the perfect sports car can be a bit of a difficulty as there are many to choose from. Knowing what you want and implementing your decision can be tricky with so many other vehicles at your hiring disposal

The team at BR Prestige have come up with what we believe makes a good sports car to hire and the things you should think about before you make your final decision.


For us this isn’t the most important reason why someone would hire a car, but many people still prefer to have various needs. There are many different features on sports cars that are available and knowing what features you want is key. Think about the different features you want for your car such as the air conditioning or heated seats. If the main reason for hiring the car is for speed you may not be too fussy with the features.


When hiring a sports car one important thing may be the sense of thrill you will get when driving a high performance car. Think about what speed you want and what you’re comfortable with, if you’re a more experienced driver you may be more confident with driving at high speeds. Always make sure you drive to the speed limits.


What the car looks like will be the main reason in hiring a sports car, lets face it sometimes its nice to showoff in a luxury looking car. When hiring you may have a preference in colour, shape and other aesthetic needs, so it is import to understand what you are after. If your hiring the car for a special occasion think about whether the car will look good with the event

These are the top four cars we have picked out at BR Prestige that we think are perfect sports cars to hire


This is the Godfather of sports cars, cars that you aim to drive from a young age. These are the luxury item that you may be looking to hire with high power engine, expensive hand stitched leather, with precision engineering. The company does not mass-produce the cars adding to the allure of driving one, so definitely worth hiring.



Why not go for an iconic design of sports car? It doesn’t come better than Ferrari and like Lamborghini the cars aren’t mass-produced and are hand made for luxury. Ferrari’s tend to be cheaper than the Lamborghini but still as luxurious. The cars are high powered going to high speeds. Ferrari have successfully commercialised its race heritage and used its long streak of on-track successes to build and market road cars that are very exclusive.


Audi R8

Its sleek, curvy design that has made this a car popular to hire. Cheaper to hire than a Lamborghini and Ferrari but still a good choice; this car offers staggering performance and brilliant handling as well as everyday usability. This car is perfect for a long weekend.

audi r9

Mercedes C63

How about something different? The powerful, mescaline design or the Mercedes C63 combined with the engine power and high performance makes this a car worth hiring. With a luxurious interior, this vehicle is impressive from the outside and inside. The driving dynamics on this vehicle is what we believe is great about the car, it’s a very smooth car to drive, Mercedes have made this car responsive handling that makes the gears easy to change.


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