BR Prestige Year in Review 2015

Wedding with BR Prestige Vehicles

Before we turn the page to 2016, we wanted to look through the highlights of this year and say thank you to all of our customers who has helped BR Prestige prosper In 2015, our community grew: We now have over 2000 likes on Facebook and over 800 followers on Twitter. From this, we have […]

Why is car hire a great idea at Christmas?

Christmas Cars

The Christmas season is fast approaching and no doubt your diary is filling up fast, with the work’s do, your friends night out and the family get together, not forgetting to mention that short city break you planned a while ago… You’ve booked your accommodation, but what about your travel? Public transport may sound like […]

Top 2 Lamborghinis available for car hire

Lamborghini is a sports car fan favourite and for many good reasons. The brand has built a reputation for being one of the best car manufacturers in the world; with their statement elegant design and luxurious build these cars are a great purchase or sports car to hire. BR Prestige leases an array of Lamborghinis, […]

Choosing the right wedding vehicle hire for you

Choosing the right vehicle to hire for your wedding day is a big decision and one that takes time, as you have to think about many different elements. Here at BR Prestige we have years of experience in wedding car hire in Coventry and other areas such as Cambridge and Milton Keynes, in this blog […]

Where to rent a sports car for hire

If you have never got a sports car from hire you may not know where to start. If you know already what you want and if you don’t we have an article that may help entitled “Choosing The Perfect Sports Car to Hire” . Here at BR Prestige we have helped many of our customers […]

Why Hire a 4×4?

4x4s have a reputation of being fantastic to drive and with many features making it as comfortable as possible this is a great choice to lease as they can be used for many functions. Here at BR Prestige we are great fans of the 4×4 and over the years have gained a lot of knowledge […]

Special Occasion Car Hire

There are many reasons why individuals lease vehicles, one of the main reasons is for a special occasion such as a wedding, birthdays and so on. Turning up to any occasion in a prestige car can really make the event feel more significant. We believe that every occasion needs a great car, so why should […]

How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Car

Talking from personal experience when I got married I knew that getting a car to take me to the church and venue was just as important as anything else. Wedding cars provide perfect images for the wedding album as well as having something comfortable and special. Here at BR Prestige during the years we have […]