About Us

BR Prestige is a niche and hybrid adaptation to traditional car hire organisations, endorsing a range of the finest marques seen across the globe. We are the next generation of driving high performance cars excluding the risk of enormous price marks, forever inflating high maintenance costs, servicing fees and extensive depreciation. We have found a solution that fills a void and also gives you the pleasure of enjoying luxury vehicles, without the burden of additional underline costs.

At BR Prestige the possibilities are endless, not only can we provide hire for short breaks, we also have the pleasure of working with clients for long term leasing contracts, fully supplied with service, maintenance and insurance packages. We have a nationwide presence and all our vehicles are available for delivery to your door. Our Client Relations Team will assist you in preparing your enquiry, detailing each individual theme or requirement desired.

An experience is what we pride ourselves on offering, tailored to our client's specifications with a choice from an exclusive array of pristine vehicles to create the best in class experience. We have been helping our clients develop and capture their own memories. BR Prestige acquires a wealth of knowledge in all avenues of vehicle hire services coupled with an enthusiastic team of professional Client Relation Managers. Our team advocates a professional and personable relationship with our clients, assuring we have a car to suit any preference or occasion.

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